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free batter move

Are you resigned to living with back discomfort?

Don't just cover up symptoms, target the source of your ache! Teeter Hang Ups® has helped millions find natural relief - and it takes only a few minutes a day!

A few minutes a day can help:

yes Relieve Back Pain
Relaxes muscles, rejuvenates discs, realigns & reduces pressure

yes Ease Stress
Releases tension in shoulders, neck & back

yes Improve Joint Health
Decompresses, strengthens & enhances shock absorption

yes Increase Flexibility
Improves functional fitness for an active, healthy lifestyle

Are you resigned to living with back discomfort
A daily routine
“A daily routine, which is what Roger is recommending, is a very good way to get your back in great shape.”

Dr. William Tontz, Orthopedic Surgeon

Over 2 million people have put their trust in Teeter Hang Ups.

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“I'm a 6'5" /265 pound guy. So any exercise machine I use must be able to handle my size and my tendency to have ‘heavy hands.’ Yes! I'm tough on them. The Teeter met all the criteria for me.”

Carl – Charlotte, NC

“...Upon using it the first few times, I started noticing immediate results. After a long day of sitting, inversion helps to melt the stress that builds up in my lower back... Plus, as someone who has recurring bouts of pain in the lower back, I have already noticed an improvement in my well-being. When the pain does return, I simply hop on my Teeter.”

David – Beaumont, TX

“I've been using it for a few months now & my back feels soooo much better. I have no PAIN & I owe it to Teeter.”

BeeBee – South Carolina

Everything you need to
Feel Better... Move Better... Live Better...
in just minutes a day.

full 5 year warranty
Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

Built for the Benefits with your comfort and security in mind, your Teeter includes the ComforTrak Bed, Ergo Embrace contoured ankle supports and Ankle Comfort Dial.

Getting Started DVD

Guides you through assembly, how to customize your settings, tips for ensuring a comfortable inversion experience, and stretches/exercises you can do with your Teeter!

Full-Color Glossy User Guide

Quick-reference, photo-illustrated steps make inverting with your Teeter a snap!

5-Year Warranty

As always, Teeter Customer Service is here to help if you need it.

Order today and get
to enhance your inversion experience

$150 Value FREE!

Customizable pressure point relief; set of 8
Adjustable arch/position for support and a deeper
5 routines by Dr. Shawn designed to stretch and strengthen

Try Teeter Hang Ups today with our risk-free
30-Day In-Home Trial – only $14.95


That’s right! You get to try the Teeter in your own home for a full 30 days to experience what inversion can do for you. If you’re not blown away by Teeter’s quality... If you’re not absolutely convinced by the results you’re feeling after using it for just minutes a day, simply send it back.